S.L.O.G.O.S. (Cassette Tape)


S.L.O.G.O.S. (Cassette Tape)


Sterling Black - S.L.O.G.O.S. (Cassette Tape)


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"Opener “Hungry” sounds like Raw Power played at half speed, but every time you think it’ll explode it instead collapses into a squall of lead guitar and snotty overdubbed vocals. Here, Black cleverly bucks the dynamic map of your average “proto-punk” homage and flips it into something deceptively smart, tranquilizing it permanently within its own constant buildup. The result is entirely hypnotic. Next, “Fantasy Dame” defies all expectation. Despite being typically drenched in distortion, “Dame” is one of the prettiest songs in Black’s catalogue. Through sheets of harsh guitar noise and primitive drumming, the song builds to a perfect set of pop hooks, with vocals that rise to beautiful falsetto before ducking out prematurely. The sudden cut in the song feels entirely purposeful, and despite his best efforts S.L.O.G.O.S. is the first Sterling Black record that can’t help but reveal its own deep knowledge of pop structure. Where past efforts obscured songwriting under an ocean of screaming and pick-up buzz, S.L.O.G.O.S. lets its pop flourish shine. It’s startling, and makes repeated listens almost mandatory, but Black guides the proceedings along without pandering, preferring instead to merge pop smarts with caustic experiments in feral rock madness." - Jakob Battick, Portland Phoenix

01. Hungry

02. Fantasy Dame

03. Papers

04. Sikfunk

05. S.L.O.G.O.S

06. Godead

07. Shit Gets Tossed

All songs on BOTH sides!