Personalized Songs

I have two instrumental options for you:

  • Full composition (3 minute long, $88)
  • Sonic Painting (1 minute long, $33)

Have you ever wanted a theme song? How about a special gift for someone, or maybe a jam for your party?

I'm open to working in any style, and am enamored with arranging and sound design. I play guitar, bass, piano, drums, and can program/design most any sound.

Tell me the details of YOUR song!


Here's how it works:

1) Listen to my original music and examples/portfolio

2) Fill out the SONG ORDER FORM form below, be sure to include any specifics about your song/vision

3) We'll communicate about your commission


5) Once funded, I set to composing!

6) Within approximately a week, I will send you a rough, low-quality-audio (mp3) draft of your piece. You will review it, and we'll make any necessary changes

7) I will finalize your song, and master it (approximately another week)

8) You'll receive a high-quality .wav file of your custom composition


Name *
Length *
Specific Details and Direction For Your Song
Any parties interested in commissioning commercial work, please contact me directly via email
Sterling Black retains exclusive control of any masters/copyrights/recordings/distribution of authored, original material, and terms
Sterling Black reserves the right to refuse service to anyone
You can play/perform/share your finalized song. You cannot distribute your custom-song for-profit, unless an agreement is made to allow for you to do so.
Please don't ask for a cover of a song. NO COVERS!